Maze sprites

..:: our game needs some color ::..

To visualize our Maze, we need a bunch of sprites. We need

  • Floor Sprite
  • Roof Sprite
  • Wall Sprite
  • WallCorner Sprite

So we need to create a texture with multiple sprites in it. I chose a 512 by 512 pixel texture, which i cut into a 4 by 4 grid, so every sprite will be 128 by 128 pixels.

You can make a texture by your own, or you can download a texture here.

Download PSD
Download PNG

Save the texture to our Textures folder

Edit the import settings of the texture

  • set the Texture Type to Sprite(2D and UI)
  • set the Sprite Mode to Multiple
  • set Pixels Per Unit to 128
  • Override the Max Size to 512
  • set the Format to Truecolor

and hit Apply

Next, open the Sprite Editor, click on Slice, then choose the Type Grid by Cell Size, set the PixelSize to 128 and 128 and click on the Slice button.

Then, click on the first sprite and name it Floor

The second sprite is called Roof the third one Wall and the fourth one is the WallCorner

After that, click on Apply and close the Sprite Editor. If you look at the MazeTileMap Texture in the project, you should see something like that

Alright, now we have our sprites prepared. Next time, we create our actual maze visualization.